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Classroom Training

We at Edukators Academy provide In-class Training service which offers a learning environment that is interactive and collaborative. The sessions are designed to help participants understand the applications, tools and techniques related to their course. The interactive sessions motivate learners as it allows them to clarify their doubts, get feedback and guidance from experienced instructors. The experienced instructors give hands-on experience in the labs with real-time examples and challenges which provide the learners with the chance to gain the full advantage of the course materials and related resources.

Online Training

We at Edukators Academy provide on demand e-learning tutorials, seminars, and educational courses to individuals of all ages. Our online training service offers the same quality learning materials and expert instructors as our classroom-based training, allowing you to learn the same skills and concepts from the comfort of your own home or office. Our courses cover areas such as web development, application development, programming languages, databases and more, so you can gain the skills necessary to become successful. With our convenient online format, you can work at your own pace and complete the course when it is most convenient for you.

Corporate Training

We offer comprehensive software training for corporate clients. Our courses are tailored to the unique needs of each company, and we can provide training on a range of topics, from the basics of specific software to more advanced techniques and industry-specific standards. Our experienced instructors are certified in their subject matter, and courses can be delivered on-site, remotely, or a combination of both. Clients can choose from open enrolment courses in a range of topics, or have custom training designed for their exact needs. We strive to provide the best corporate training service available, ensuring your employees always have the latest skills to help you remain competitive.

Training in College

Our Software Training Academy specializes in providing comprehensive training services for colleges and we deliver college-based training services to help students gain expertise in the most up to date software solutions. Our courses offer students the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, gain practical experience by solving difficult challenges, and apply their knowledge to real-world problems. From basic software installation to complex coding tasks, our courses will make sure that your students will have the capacity to function in any software-related job.

Placement Training

We in Edukators provides you placement training services, it helps by providing job-oriented training to students. For example, We provide IT professionals to train you with the skills and knowledge required to join a reputed organization. Placement training typically consists of aptitude and technical tests, current affairs, and communication skills assessments, to help students to find their right organization. We also help trainees gain confidence in their interviews and choose the right job. The courses taught are industry-specific and customized to ensure that students become knowledgeable and responsible professionals.

Mock Interview

Edukators Academy offers a comprehensive Mock Interview Service to help prepare our students for success in their job applications. Our experienced interviewers will conduct an in-depth and realistic interview session. The session will include a full evaluation of the candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities which will help them to gain a better understanding of industry standards for the job they are applying for. During the Mock Interview Service students will be able to practice their answers and feedback will be provided to help them develop their understanding of the industry. The Mock Interview Service can help build confidence before applying for their dream job.

About Us

We are a technology-focused learning and development organization providing varied services to help organizations and individuals succeed with their technology-based professional goals. We also offer a variety of software development, consulting, training, and mentoring services, helping organizations and individuals grow and develop their skills in the latest technologies with highly proficient and dedicated faculty members.

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