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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1) Enrollment and Registration

Students must provide accurate and complete information during the enrollment process. The institution reserves the right to refuse or terminate enrollment based on inaccurate information or violation of policies.

2) Code of Conduct

Students are expected to adhere to a code of conduct that promotes a positive and respectful learning environment. Any form of academic dishonesty, including plagiarism and cheating, will not be tolerated.

3) Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees must be paid according to the payment schedule provided by the institution. Failure to pay tuition and fees may result in the suspension of access to courses and services.

4) Attendance and Participation

  1. Regular attendance and active participation in courses are essential for successful learning.
  2. Instructors may establish specific attendance and participation requirements for each course.
  3. Candidates who take 3 consecutive days of leave without prior notice will be assigned catch-up classes by the management during the mentor’s available time allotment.

5) Grading and Assessment

Students will be assessed based on their performance in assignments, exams, and other evaluation methods. The institution will provide grading criteria and guidelines for assessments.

6) Academic Integrity

Students are expected to maintain high standards of academic integrity. Any form of cheating, plagiarism, or unauthorized collaboration will result in disciplinary action.

7) Privacy and Data Protection

The institution will collect and process personal data in accordance with applicable privacy laws. Students have the right to access and correct their personal information. Refer privacy policy section for more details.

8) Intellectual Property

All course materials, including but not limited to lectures, presentations, and written content, are the intellectual property of the institution. Students may not reproduce or distribute course materials without prior written consent.

9) Technology Requirements

Students are responsible for ensuring they have the necessary technology and internet access to participate in online courses. Technical issues on the student’s end will not be grounds for special consideration.

10) Changes to Terms and Conditions

The institution reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions. Students will be notified of any changes in advance.

11) Termination of Enrollment

The institution reserves the right to terminate a student’s enrollment for violation of policies or academic misconduct.

12) Communication

Students are responsible for regularly checking their email / WhatsApp for important announcements and updates.

13) Withdrawal and Refund Policy / Payment Policy

The institution’s payment policy will apply in case a student decides to withdraw from a course or program.

14) Feedback

Candidates are encouraged to provide weekly feedback on classes by sending an email to info@edukators.in.

15) Certificate

  1. Upon successful completion of the course, candidates are eligible to receive a Course Completion Certificate.
  2. Candidates seeking placement or interviews are required to collect their Course Completion Certificate from the management
  3. Candidates who fail to collect the course completion certificate will not be eligible for any placement or interview opportunities facilitated by Edukators.
  4. To obtain a project or internship certificate, candidates must ensure timely completion of the assigned project.
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