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About Dart Programming

Dart Programming Language in Coimbatore is an open-source programming language that Edukators Training Institute covers from beginner to advanced levels. Dart is also ideal for a variety of applications, including mobile apps, websites, and server-side programming. The course usually covers basic Dart concepts such as syntax, data types, variables, and control structures. What’s more, its simple-to-read and write syntax makes it suitable for developers. Dart’s programming strength lies in its connection to Flutter. Our training includes practical lessons and hands-on exercises to help you learn more practically. The Dart language is also used in web development to create interactive and responsive web pages. Finally, Edukators Software Training Institute in Coimbatore provides you with specific activities and evaluations to help you become an expert in this language.  Dart is useful for reducing code complexity and testing software.

Know about Dart Programming trainers

Edukators’ Dart Programming language trainers have extensive hands-on experience with Dart and related frameworks. They concentrate on delivering practical information in line with current market trends. Our trainers’ goal is to help learners understand Dart’s syntax, features, and best practices, changing them into skilled Dart programmers, through hands-on coding exercises, real-world examples, and interactive sessions. Edukators trainers try to make the learning experience exciting and useful. At the same time, they provide feedback, answer questions, and walk students through problems. Our goal is to assist students learn the skills required for web programming, mobile app development, and other software projects that use Dart. As the programming world changes, our trainers keep up, ensuring that their education is current and relevant for aspiring Dart developers.

Edukators upcoming batch schedule for Dart programming

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11-3-2024  |  Weekdays Batch - Mon (Mon - Fri)  |  08:00 AM (IST) (Class 1Hr) / Per Session
20-3-2024  |  Weekdays Batch - Wed (Mon - Fri)  |  08:00 AM (IST) (Class 1Hr) / Per Session
16-3-2024  |  Weekends Batch - Sat & Sun  |  09:00 AM (IST) (Sat - 2Hr & Sun - 3Hr) / Per Session
23-3-2024  |  Weekends Batch - Sat & Sun  |  09:00 AM (IST) (Sat - 2Hr & Sun - 3Hr) / Per Session

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Benefits of taking course with us!

Taking a Dart programming course is advantageous to aspiring developers. These Dart language courses provide an organized study route for a thorough understanding of Dart. Although learners can receive hands-on experience with Dart's syntax, ideas, and best practices, which will allow them to build clean and efficient code. Dart is particularly useful for mobile app development because it is tightly integrated with the Flutter framework. Mastering Dart programming enables students to construct cross-platform applications for mobile, web, and desktop using a single codebase. Our professional trainers provide useful insights, assistance, and feedback, which speeds up the learning process.

Course Details

  • What is a programming language?
  • Hierarchy of Computer language
  • Characteristics of a programming Language
  • Advantages of programming languages
  • Disadvantages of programming languages
  • Tips for learning new programming language
  • Types of programming languages
  • What is Dart?
  • Why Dart?
  • History of Dart
  • Features in Dart
  • Dart installation
  • Setting up the environment
  • What is IDE and editors?
  • Writing first programming in Dart?
  • What is variable?
  • What is identifiers?
  • Keywords in Dart
  • Printing and string interpolation
  • Semicolon in Dart
  • Whitespace and line Breaks
  • Block in Dart
  • Comments and its types in Dart
  • Dart Constants
  • Dart Numbers
  • Dart String
  • Dart Lists
  • Dart Sets
  • Dart Map
  • Dart Symbol
  • Dart Runes
  • Dart Enumeration
  • Dart Boolean
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Assignment operators
  • Relational operators
  • Type test operators
  • Logical operators
  • Bitwise operator
  • Conditional operators
  • Casecade notation(..) operators
  • What is conditional statement?
  • Dart if statement
  • if else statement
  • if else-if statement
  • Switch case statement
  • What is loops?
  • Dart for Loop
  • Dart For..in Loop
  • Dart while loop
  • Dart do while Loop
  • Dart function
  • Optional positional parameter
  • Optional named parameter
  • Optional parameters with default values
  • Anonymous function
  • main() function
  • Dart recursion
  • What is exceptions?
  • Type of exceptions
  • try/on/catch blocks
  • Using the on block
  • Using the catch Block
  • on…catch block
  • Finally block
  • Throwing an exception
  • Custom exceptions
  • What is Object-Oriented programming?
  • Classes & Object
  • Constructor in Dart
  • This keyword in Dart
  • Static keyword in Dart
  • Super keyword in Dart
  • Inheritance in Dart
  • Super constructor
  • Dart methods
  • Method Overriding
  • Getters & Setters
  • Abstract Classes
  • Dart Interfaces
  • Callables classes
  • Typedef in Dart
  • Metadata in Dart
  • Collections in Dart
  • Generics in Dart
  • Packaged in Dart
  • Libraries in Dart
  • Generators in Dart
  • Isolates
  • Async
  • Concurrency


1Learners should have a basic understanding of using computers, including file navigation, text editing, and installing software.
2Make sure that the students computer meets the minimum requirements for running Dart and associated tools. This may include installing the Dart SDK and an integrated development environment (IDE) like Visual Studio Code.
3A positive and proactive attitude towards learning is extremely important. Students should be ready to engage with the course content, ask questions, and actively practice coding.
4To embark on a Dart programming course successfully, participants should possess a basic foundation in computer literacy and a genuine interest in software development

Job opportunities for Dart Programming

There are various job opportunities available for individuals with Dart skills. Here are some potential job opportunities:

  1. Mobile App Developer
  2. Front End Developer
  3. Flutter Developer
  4. Software Engineer
  5. Full Stack Developer
  6. UI/UX Designer with Dart
  7. Tech lead or Architect
  8. Freelancer
  9. Educator or Trainer
  10. Startups or innovative projects

FAQ's about Dart Programming at Edukators

Yes, Dart can be used in web development. It can be compiled into JavaScript, making it suitable for developing interactive and performant web applications.

Dart is a general-purpose programming language created by Google. It is designed for building web, mobile, server, and desktop applications.

You can install Dart by downloading the Dart SDK from the official Dart website. Additionally, Dart can be integrated into popular IDEs like Visual Studio Code.

Dart programmers can find opportunities in mobile app development, web development, server-side programming, UI/UX design, and more.

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