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About AWS Training in Edukators Coimbatore

AWS Training course at Edukators plays a pivotal role in preparing individuals for the dynamic and evolving landscape of cloud computing. AWS covers the fundamentals of cloud computing, understanding key concepts such as infrastructure as code, virtualization, and the various service models .Hands-on experience actively engaging in practical exercises, labs, and real-world projects. This approach ensures that learners not only grasp theoretical concepts but also develop the skills necessary to navigate the AWS Management Console, use command-line tools, and implement best practices in cloud architecture. Students can learn how to implement robust security measures within AWS environments, including identity and access management, encryption, and network security. As AWS continually introduces new features and services, training programs are structured to keep pace with these advancements. This ensures that learners stay current with the latest tools and methodologies, enabling them to leverage the full spectrum of AWS offerings effectively.

Know about our AWS Trainers

AWS trainers are well-versed in the entire AWS ecosystem, including computing, storage, databases, networking, security, machine learning, and more. They possess a comprehensive understanding of cloud architecture and its practical applications. They have experience in instructional design and delivery and can communicate complex technical concepts in a clear and understandable manner, catering to learners with varying levels of expertise. There will be often have practical, hands-on experience in designing, implementing, and managing AWS solutions provide insights into best practices, troubleshooting, and optimization. AWS trainers are approachable and supportive, creating an inclusive learning environment

Edukators upcoming batch schedule for AWS Training

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04-12-2023  |  Weekdays Batch - Mon (Mon - Fri)  |  08:00 AM (IST) (Class 1Hr) / Per Session
11-12-2023  |  Weekdays Batch - Wed (Mon - Fri)  |  08:00 AM (IST) (Class 1Hr) / Per Session
16-12-2023  |  Weekends Batch - Sat & Sun  |  09:00 AM (IST) (Sat - 2Hr & Sun - 3Hr) / Per Session
16-12-2023  |  Weekends Batch - Sat & Sun  |  09:00 AM (IST) (Sat - 2Hr & Sun - 3Hr) / Per Session

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Benefits of taking course with us!

Enrolling in an AWS course at a software training institute offers a fast track to mastering in-demand cloud computing skills. With hands-on experience, comprehensive coverage of AWS services, and certification preparation, the courses provide a solid foundation for a successful career. The practical problem-solving focus, coupled with flexible learning options and global recognition, ensures that participants gain not only theoretical knowledge but also the practical skills needed to navigate the dynamic field of cloud computing. The expertise gained opens doors to diverse career opportunities, making AWS courses a valuable investment for career advancement in the IT industry.

Course Details

  • What is linux?
  • Features of Linux Operating System
  • What is Unix?
  • Features of Unix OS
  • History of linux
  • Linux boot process
  • Single User Mode
  • Package Manager - YUM, APT, APT-GET
  • Setting environment
  • Unix / Linux - Directory Structure
  • What is Terminal and Powershell
  • Commands for navigating file system in linux
  • What is a shell and vi
  • How to write a first shell script
  • How to use vi
  • what is cron tab and how to setup a job
  • Understand about the Run-levels and its types
  • Linux command - File Management, Navigation
  • Understanding Root, System, User accounts
  • Creating users, and groups
  • Adding the user to multiple groups
  • Modifying users, group, and account
  • Deleting user, group and account
  • User Configuration Files - /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/group, /etc/gshadow
  • Permissions in Linux (user, group, others)
  • Performance Components
  • Performance Tools
  • Mounting the File System
  • Watching, Tailing, and Following
  • Ping Utilities
  • Ftp Utilities
  • Telnet Utilities
  • Finger Utilities
  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • Why Cloud Computing?
  • History of Cloud Computing
  • Characteristics of Cloud Computing
  • Advantage and Disadvantage of cloud computing
  • Applications of Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Types
  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Saas
  • Paas
  • Iaas
  • What is Virtualization?
  • Data Virtualizationa
  • Hardware Virtualization
  • Software Virtualization
  • Server Virtualization
  • Storage Virtualization
  • OS Virtualization
  • Linux Virtualization
  • Windows Virtualization
  • Computer Network Architecture - Peer-To-Peer and Client/Server
  • Network Components - Switch, Roter, Hub, Modem
  • Network Topology and its type
  • OSI Model
  • IP Addressing & Subnetting.
  • Introduction to AWS
  • History of AWS
  • AWS Regions, Availability Zones and Edge Location
  • Shared Infra Structure and Isolation in AWS Cloud
  • Signup for AWS Account
  • Overview of AWS Management Console
  • AWS Account root user
  • What is IAM?
  • Features of IAM
  • IAM components
  • IAM and Terminology
  • IAM Users and Groupd (Hands-on)
  • IAM MFA (Hands on)
  • ARN
  • What is policy and its Types
  • IAM Policies (Hands-on)
  • Difference between Managed Policy and Inline Policy
  • IAM Roles (Hands-on)
  • Shared responsibilities for IAM
  • Access Analyzer
  • The benefit of using Access Analyzer
  • Network Bandwidth, Latency, Throughput
  • What is EC2?
  • Components of EC2
  • EC2 Instance Types
  • Instance Lifecycle
  • Creating EC2 Instance (Hands-on)
  • Security Groups and Classic Ports overview
  • Security Group (Hands-on)
  • Basic overview of AMI
  • What is SSH?
  • How to start and restart SSH component?
  • About sshd config file
  • Private IP vs Public IP for EC2 instance
  • What is Key Pair?
  • What is Cryptography?
  • Private Key
  • Public Key
  • Configuring Password authentication for created instance (Hands-on)
  • Making SSH connection with putty - with the password, SSH Key file (Hands-on)
  • Making SSH connection with Linux - with the password, SSH Key file (Hands-on)
  • What is Elastic IP?
  • Attach and Detach Elastic IP (Hand-on)
  • EBS Overview
  • EBS (Hands-on) - Create and attach
  • what is EBS Snapshot ?
  • EBS Snapshot (Hands-on) - Create and Delete
  • EC2 Instance Store
  • AMI overview
  • AMI (Hands-on)
  • EBS Volume types
  • EBS Multi-Attach (Hands-on)
  • Quick start with auto scaling
  • Making autoscaling with launch configuration (Hands-on)
  • Auto scaling Key items
  • Auto scaling Lifecycle
  • Scaling Policies
  • High Availability and Scalability
  • Introduction to load balancer (ELB)
  • Why we need load balancers
  • Types of load balancers
  • Application load balancer
  • Network load balancer
  • Gateway load balancer
  • SSL termination
  • ELB Stickiness
  • ELB Cross-Zone Load Balancing
  • S3 Overview
  • S3 Bucket - (Hands-on) - Create and Delete
  • Amazon S3 Storage Classes
  • S3 Objects Overview
  • S3 Bucket Polices (Hands-on)
  • S3 Website (Hands-on)
  • Amazon S3 Versioning (Hands-on)
  • S3 Replication (Hands-on)
  • Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration (Hands-on)
  • Amazon Glacier (Hands-on)
  • Archives and Vaults in AWS Glacier
  • Data retrieval in Glacier & Glacier Deep Archive
  • S3 encryptions and its performance
  • Import and Export
  • Storage Gateway
  • Cloud Fron Overview
  • Cloud Front - (Hands on)
  • Caching & Caching Policies
  • Cache Invalidations
  • Cache Behaviors
  • Caching & Caching Invalidations - Hands On
  • ALB as an Origin
  • Geo Restriction
  • CloudFront Signed URL / Cookies
  • CloudFront Signed URL - Key Groups + Hands On
  • What is a DNS?
  • Route 53 Overview
  • Amazon Route 53 Benefits
  • Route 53 - Creating our first records
  • SOA
  • NS, TTL
  • A, AAAA, CName, Alias Records
  • What is Routing Policies and its type
  • Simple
  • Weighted
  • Latency
  • Failover
  • Geolocation
  • Geoproximity
  • Traffic Flow & Geoproximity
  • Routing Policy - IP-based
  • Routing Policy - Multi Value
  • Route 53 Health Checks
  • Introduction to VPC
  • What can we do with VPC
  • Benefits of VPC
  • Components of VPC
  • Default and Non default VPC
  • Subnet, IGW, NAT
  • Route Table
  • Network Access Control List, Security Groups, VPC Flow logs
  • VPC Peering, Direct Connect, Endpoints, VPN, DX
  • VPC (Hands-on)
  • Introduction to RDS
  • Differemet database services of AWS
  • Configuring database and backup
  • Making connection to database
  • RDS Read Replica
  • RDS Multi AZ Disaster Recovery
  • RDS Network cost
  • RDS Proxy
  • DynamoDB Overview
  • Types of consistency
  • DynamoDB Throughput Capacity
  • Creating DB and adding the data manually
  • DyanamoDB indexes
  • PartiOL, DAX, Stream
  • Optimistic Locking
  • Session State
  • Partitioning Strategies
  • What is writes and it types
  • Conditional Writes, Concurrent Writes & Atomic Writes
  • Cloud Watch Overview
  • CloudWatch Metrics
  • CloudWatch Custom Metrics
  • CloudWatch Logs (Hands On)
  • CloudWatch Agent & CloudWatch Logs Agent
  • CloudWatch Synthetics
  • Creating and Configuring Monitor Service
  • Cloud Watch Alarm
  • Creating Alarm for cloud watch (Hands-on)
  • SQS Overview
  • Queue types
  • SQS (Hands-on)
  • SQS - Message Visibility Timeout
  • SNS Overview
  • SNS Publishers and Subscribers
  • SNS (Hands-on)
  • Serverless Introduction
  • AWS Lambda Overview
  • What is DevOps?
  • DevOps Lifecycle
  • Build Tools - Apache ant, Maven
  • Sourcecode management - git (Hands-on)
  • Test Automation - Junit
  • Continiour Integrations - Jenkins
  • Continuious Management Tools - Ansible, puppet, chef


1Introductory AWS courses typically don't have specific hardware or software prerequisites. Learners can usually engage with the content using standard personal computers.
2While not mandatory, having a basic understanding of IT concepts, such as networking and computing, can be beneficial for grasping cloud computing principles more easily.
3A positive attitude and a willingness to learn are key. Beginners should approach the course with an open mind and readiness to explore new concepts and technologies.
4Dedicate time to engage with course materials, participate in hands-on exercises, and complete assignments. Consistency is crucial for building a strong foundation in AWS.

Job Opportunity for AWS

Completing an AWS  course opens up a wide range of job opportunities in the rapidly growing field of cloud computing. Here are some key roles and industries where individuals with AWS skills are in high demand:

  1. Cloud Solutions Architect
  2. Cloud Developer
  3. SysOps Administrator
  4. DevOps Engineer
  5. Cloud Security Engineer
  6. Data Engineer
  7. Machine Learning Engineer
  8. Network Engineer with Cloud Expertise
  9. IT Project Manager – Cloud Projects
  10. Technical Support Engineer – Cloud Services
  11. Enterprise IT Consultant

FAQ's about AWS Training at Edukators in Coimbatore

AWS certifications are valuable credentials that validate your skills and knowledge. They can enhance your resume and increase your credibility in the job market.
While certifications enhance your employability, hands-on experience is crucial. Combining certification with practical skills gained through projects and labs makes you a more attractive candidate.
The time it takes to learn AWS varies based on your background and the depth of knowledge you seek. Beginners can acquire foundational skills in a few weeks, while mastering advanced topics may take several months.
Yes, entry-level positions such as Cloud Support Associate or Junior Cloud Engineer may be suitable for AWS beginners. Gaining experience and certifications can open doors to more advanced roles.

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